This is Paul's book of bizarre and story telling magic.  These are some of Paul's effects and routines. This is available at your local magic store and through the publisher, Leaping Lizards Magic.  I highly recommend their other titles as well.

If you order from Paul's website, he will also sign the book to you or whomever you wish, if you would like. Just send a note  with the payment and Paul will make sure it gets signed.

The book is 8 1/2 X 11 inches and 190 pages.  It is softcover and perfect bound. Click on the image on the right for a free sample of some of the text.
"Paul Praters "Maleficium" is not only a beautifully produced book, it's an excellent collection of direct and entertaining routines of the bizarre genre. I really enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it." --Bob Cassidy
 "I am very impressed and am on my third reading now. Please consider purchasing Paul's books- not just for his effects but for his thinking and tips."--John Howard
"As you would expect in a tome about bizarre magick performance, the effects are story based and a lot of thought has gone into structuring each piece. The effect alone, without the tale that accompanies it, is strong enough magic, but the story and the atmosphere it creates takes it into another level.
This book really gets you close to his creative process with routines that are accessible to an audience, stories that hook you in and strong commercial kickers at the end of the tale. Any bizarre performer will find a lot here that is of interest to them, itís clearly written, well-laid out and is an essential tome to add to your library."--Book Review, Mystic Menagerie #4

$30.00 plus shipping.
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