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In the grand tradition of PT Barnum and the shows of ealier eras, Paul can be your personal curator and display his wonderful collection of oddities.    Each of the exhibits has a full description of the item professionally mounted on a display.

This is great to add to Paul's magic show or simply to entertain and amaze your guests.  Perfect for any event with an Old West, carnival, circus, or midway theme.  Also great for Halloween time.

Paul has been interviewed on the radio about his unusual collection.  Paul's collection is always growing but includes: Feejee Mermaid, Flesh Eating Fish, Shrunken Head,World's Smallest Toxic Toad, Trigger Finger of Pancho Villa, and many more.

Ideal for any size crowd.  Paul sets up a full display with a colorful circus banner, sideboards and diplays describing each of the exhibits. This is suitable for all ages.  While some of the exhibits are a bit gruesome, kids love this display.

Make sure you get chance to see this before these types of musesums disappear.

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