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"Having a corporate event oftentimes limits the ideas we can pursue for entertainment, but as a true professional, you delivered the exact show we needed."--Travis Harber, Verizon Wireless. "I cannot speak highly enough about Paul's profesisonalism, his set-up and his performance. He is well polished and highly capable."-- Adam Dunaway, Cumulus Media. "Paul Prater is a very talented, insightful and intuitive entertainer and I was fascinated by his show"--Brenda Kennon.

corporate entertainment, corporate entertainer, Arkansas



corporate entertainment, corporate entertainer, Arkansas

Incredible...unbelievable... impossible. Just three of the words that have been used to describe Paul's performances.

Experience this for yourself or your group!

corporate entertainment, corporate entertainer, Arkansas
corporate entertainment, corporate entertainer, Arkansas

Paul Prater is first and foremost, an entertainer. Paul will provide you or your group with a show featuring mindreading, ESP, and psychology, creating an experience that you and your guests will never forget!

Paul's shows aren't just demonstrations of his abilities. The shows are interactive with audience members taking part in helping create the show.

Paul is also an accomplished storyteller. He deftly weaves stories into the show, pulling you into his world. You won't be sure if what you are seeing and hearing is real.

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